Posted by: atowhee | April 12, 2020


Here is a sequence showing single mom at work–at Anna’s Hummingbird nest.  She perseveres, carrying out her singular efforts for the survival of her species:DSC05009DSC05169DSC05246bDSC05816DSC06340
These images are from the fine field work of photographer Dan Elster.  Click here to see his whole selection of great nature photos.

I especially like the last one where the young are so big now they can only cling to the sides of the well-worn nest.

Dan is based in Ashland, Oregon, where the economy has been deeply damaged by covid-19.  Normally the scenic town and its Shakespeare Festival draw thousand of visitors every week during much of the year.  Now the Shakespeare Festival is cancelled through Labor Day.  Normally Dan is busily selling his work at street fairs, bird festivals,  in galleries and book stores.  All those, too, are shut down.  Online sales are his only source of income, so if you have gifts to give…or need to fill a blank space on your wall…   He also sells cards.
Finally, his first collection of photos in book form is still available and he pays for shipping inside the U.S.  Details on the website linked above.  The book is Wild Animals in Wild Places and displays birds and  mammals from across the continent.  Dan’s art is a product of skill, patience and empathy.  It will bring you face-to-face with animals you have admired, observed and wish to know better.  These images will help.  We can now all understand how tired that Anna’s mom must be as the sun sets each evening.


  1. Hi Harry, thanks for the Dan photos, he’s the best.
    I know you don’t control ads on the blog, however, this one has an ad that might fit on FOX News.  I hope folks don’t think you approved this ad.

    Ads seem to be random.

    • Ads just mean that Harry’s blog is popular enough to draw attention. When you sign up for WordPress, part of the terms of agreement are that they may occasionally place ads in you blog. Positive Harry did not approve.

  2. Such beautiful pictures!

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