Posted by: atowhee | April 4, 2020


Birds are pairing, birds are leaving, birds are arriving.  Airplanes may be mostly empty, the skies are busy.  Today my wife and I were driving around to see green–two different places we saw Tree Swallow flocks in motion.  At Wennerberg Purple Finches sang from the treetops, unseen.  Yesterday we watched a lone Turkey Vulture circle and prepare to land among his kind on a roost tree…that was on ridge half mile south of 17906 Baker Creek Road west of McMinnville.  April 1 I saw three Band-tails fly over Joe Dancer, first sighting for the year. ONe day this week we saw a flock of crows in a hazelnut orchard–looked at my wife and said “Corvid 19”.  House Finches sitting together on a power line.  Molting feathers, or shiny new spring outfits–depends on the species.

In the middle is a Hermit Thrush photo–this one actually flew out of the woods and perched in this tree in the open!  In the last photo is this set…chickadee and Bustit ponder a bath on a rainy day.

ah about (2)We have a pair of Bewick’s parked in our yard.  One sings.  Here one moves through a hydrangea in hyd (2)Our tiny finches persist…can we agree to call them “persiskins”/sistwos (2)Five TVs atop a doug-fir.t v atop (2)

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