Posted by: atowhee | March 27, 2020


Nora and I get around, some.  Yesterday the town of Yamhill.   Did not find the Mockingbird–starling sitting in the usual tree.  Wigeon, GW Teal and snipe in flooded grasslands.  Usual ducks in the ponds at Yamhill Sewer.  Paired–two kestrels side  by side at sewer ponds, flickers side by side at Wennerberg.

Today’s killer bird–isn’t every falcon a killer?–Cooper’s Hawk on pole top in the rain.  The bird was atop of a utility pole at the south end of the Baker Creek Road S-curve.

Speaking of raptors, female on the right:KEST PARD (2)

Lesser Goldfinches landing feeder at same time, I don’t think they were “together” like the kestrels above:LEGO TWOGTHR (2)

Now about that beauty in the garden , kinetic  glory:

Not a Blackburnian or Prothonotary I admit, but I’d put these guys up against a Magnolia any day.

Closed–Yamhill city park, state parks; county parks.
Open–Yamhill Sewer Ponds trail; Wennerberg in Carlton; Joe Dancer in McMinnville.

Stores selling bird food still open here in McM.

The recently arrived Audubon’s Warblers are bright and lively.  The other warblers must be doubly impressed because they can see ultraviolet spectra that escape my mammalian eyes.  The local Bewick’s Wren couple are very busty about the feeders now.  I often see them skittering across the open areas while the stolid juncos appear almost frozen in place by comparison.

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