Posted by: atowhee | March 17, 2020


In Yamhill today we saw/heard three species of woodpecker at Wennerberg Park, Carlton–acorn, flicker, sapsucker.  Over our garden today, a high-flying Cooper’s Hawk.  Could they be starting migration?  They certainly don’t hunt from a hundred yards or more up.  Best birding was out Baker Creek Road–a single Western Bluebird hunting in the middle of the S-curve about a mile west of McMinnville.  Then a quartet of Varied Thrush among the robins at Grenfell Park.  Almost always the robins are less skittish, and willing to be closer to the dog and me.  The Varied Thrush are almost further way, and always near to some trees or other cover.

Garden siskins–the one with the most yellow on the wings (right  in frame) may be a male:SISK-TWO (2)Mt. Hood being toweringly handsome:MT. HOOD (2)

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