Posted by: atowhee | March 3, 2020


tv retrnLook up into the blue (today, maybe tomorrow the gloomy gray) and there they float, almost weightless apparently, a pair of Turkey Vultures, on migration…from at least as far away as Redding, maybe even Costa Rica.  I remember one look into the winter sky over Panama: thousands of vultures, turkey and black, circling and wobbling.  These were my first Oregon TVs of the year, bear watching.  Some of these birds nest in southern British Columbia so if they started down in Panama, they are two-thirds of the way home.  Out locally nesting TVs will also be drifting home this month…an arrival that invited  binge watching.  No other bird we have floats so easily, so lingeringly on a calm, skies of blue or skies of gray.

These two were above Joe Dancer Park this morning in McMinnville as the dogs took us for a walk.

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