Posted by: atowhee | February 24, 2020


Not all digital tech is wonderful, but I do love trail cams…click here for pics of fisher in Yosemite.  Sadly the online info is not accurate–the fisher’s range is generally to the NORTH of Yosemite. They are known to survive in parts of Oregon’s Cascades. In this state they listed as “sensitive–critical” species. They are also found in Washington State.

Click here for federal fish and wildlife site on the species:

“Location: Fishers are found across Canada and in four areas of the United States – New England, Great Lakes, Northern Rocky Mountains (NRM), and the Pacific Northwest.  In the NRM, fishers are distributed in northwest and west-central Montana and northern and north-central Idaho.  Verified records indicate the current distribution of fishers in the NRM is similar to their historic distribution.

“Habitat: Fishers habitat includes low- to mid-elevation environments of mesic (moderately moist), coniferous and mixed conifer forests.  Within these forests, fishers are associated more commonly with landscapes that are greater than 50 percent mature forest, arranged in a contiguous, complex mosaic.  At smaller spatial scales, fishers appear to select for intermediate abundance of habitat edges, high canopy cover, large trees, and tree cavities.”

Fishers are carnivores, Mustelids and quick afoot.  Males can weigh up to thirteen pounds.   The name “fisher” has nothing to do with fish, which they rarely eat–it comes from French trappers’ word, “Fichet” for the pelt of a European polecat.

Click here for even more on this elusive critter almost extirpated from the U.S. They were once hunted by the fur industry.


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