Posted by: atowhee | February 16, 2020


Our fellow Americans are not going out and deliberately shooting Bald Eagles, but they do go out and shoot.  And the lead shot does the rest.  Any animal left with a bullet or shot in it can attract eagles which are alpha scavengers.  I often see one or more eagles around a large carcass (say a goose or Tundra Swan) and then encircled by ravens, waiting their turn.  So any shot animal not hauled off in a pick-up is eventually going to attract scavengers and that is likely going to include Bald Eagles.
Most government agencies are afraid of the NRA and vociferous gun lobby so any work to remove lead from the environment will have to be done by the gunners themselves.  Are you holding your breath?

Let’s not forget that we almost drove eagles to extinction carelessly once before…that time it was DDT.  We really need another Rachel Carson.

Of course, many wild animals suffer from the lead we shoot into the environment.  But, whaddaya expect from a species that still runs knowingly drinking water through lead pipes so we don’t have to pay to replace them?   Lead paint in old buildings…

Click here for the story on lead killing eagles, done mostly on the East Coast.

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