Posted by: atowhee | February 6, 2020


Late last month my Ashland friends, Kirk Gooding and Shannon Rio birded Shasta Valley.  That’s just inside California.  East of I-5 and north of Mt. Shasta, town and volcano.  The area averages about 20 inches of precipitation per year.  Less than half of the Willamette Valley, almost double that of Bend and just slightly less than nearby Ashland.  The elevation is generally 2500 feet on the valley floor but rises quickly when you get into the foothills or up onto Mt. Shasta itself.
Winter birding there can be a meteorological challenge and a binocular bonanza. Here some of Kirk fine photos:_DSC6616_DSC6646_DSC6651_DSC6653_DSC6664_DSC6667_DSC6681_DSC6716_DSC6844_DSC6870_DSC6877_DSC6898_DSC6908_DSC6913_DSC6935_DSC6938

If you don’t know the area, check it next time you’re along I-5 southbound or in southern Oregon.  AS d you can go to the Klamath Falls Bird Festival (in one week) any winter and some of their trips go to Butte Valley and Shasta Valley in Siskiyou County, CA.


  1. I think you meant 23″ of precipitation per year, not 230″.

    • actually it is 20, I made correction, thanks

  2. Great pictures. I love the deep blue color of the first few photos.

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