Posted by: atowhee | January 23, 2020


Llano Seco NWR, Butte County, Californiapt8

Pintails paddling about, feeding with heads down in the water, butts up.  The pin tails waving like banners of bravado.  No other ducks hereabouts have such a lance to lift.  In mellow evening light the pinions preened with precision.  Other creatures may be pinnate but Pintails present pinnation at pinnacle.  Please to admire my plumage, the propinquity of my mate is propitious and pleasing but perhaps pro forma.  For who could resist?  Pintail elegance is beyond the rest of us.  Sure Wood and Mandarin Ducks are showy,  Hooded Mergansers can display and surprise, even Gadwalls can show us how nature does the finest tweeds, but Pintails humble, humor and honor at once—behold and be in awe for living beauty is afloat.  Gotta go eat now, butts up.PT1PT1PT2PT3PT4pt6PT5

I am here in Chico for the annual Goose Festival, which could be Waterfowl Wonderland  or Duck Delirium or Pintail Parade.

Another bird of interest at Llano Seco was a Loggerhead Shrike, more of challenge to photograph, not a big fan of social media.LOSH HIDES (2)


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