Posted by: atowhee | January 5, 2020



Sun and rain
once and again
when air is water
refraction reflection beget spectrum
unity becomes division.
We see light clear and bright
yet raindrops sort out colors,
one and many.

The full arc is bright–
deepest color above treeline
bold gold transparent then
below the indigo vivid violet
behind the rainbow curves
the tin tinted sky glows.

See through colors and
there stand Doug-firs that
blush burnished brass.

Does one sky stay
or like any river renew?
Was this sky above stegosaurus?
Did stego notice the rainbows?

When conditions allow
physics still colors, yes,
stego, no how.

I grew up in a family where my father and two older brothers were physicists.  I rebelled against that family standard but to this day retain my respect for theory and data.  If you wonder at the how and what of rainbows, click here.  It’ll get you to reflect on refraction. And renew your acquaintance with the colorful ROYGBIV.

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