Posted by: atowhee | January 4, 2020


My friend Karl Schneck lives a couple miles north of Ashland.  He regularly sees birds that eschew the city life.  He even has nesting Purple Martins in spring:
“First, while my wife was talking to me in her room, a Golden Eagle flies by in front of the window… and, of course, I didn’t hear anything she said to me after that. By the time I got my camera outside, the eagle was much higher.  Second, while we are doing some yard work, I look up and see a Northern Pygmy-Owl perched on one of our fence posts. I make a mad dash for my camera and, what-do-you-know, it’s still there. I get a couple of “insurance” pictures, then move around to have better light and background, and the NOPO seemingly poses for me… looked like it was more interested in finding food and checking the highly-aroused Black-capped Chickadees than whatever it thought I was doing.”

Click here for the owl shots, including one that shows the fake eyes in the back of the critter’s head so he always “looks” at you, front or back.

Here’s the eagle in the air.

Thanks, Karl.


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