Posted by: atowhee | December 31, 2019


I am old enough to remember when teachers helped promulgate the myth that humans were the only tool-making or tool-using animal.  Boy, were our ancestors ever city-bound and blind to reality here  in western “civ.”  All life exists on various spectra from simple to complex and on some spectra we are near the complex end, but our sense of smell and night vision and ability to submerge into water for length of time all are weak.  I am not sure I’d trade my bifocal vision for my dog’s olfactory keenness but…

And what would you give up to fly on your own wings?

Puffins using sticks, click here.

Oh, and forget calling somebody a pig, unless you compliment.  Pigs using tools, too.

Add them to the crows, sea otters, various primates, et al.

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