Posted by: atowhee | December 21, 2019


We have a President who deplores energy efficient cars, hates new-fangled light bulbs because he thinks they make him look worse on TV and who thinks climate change is a conspiracy.  He is close to the truth but he would tweet more crazily if somebody had the gall to tell him the climate crisis conspirators include China, Exxon, coal companies, Canada, plastic makers, methane leakers, United Airlines, all the unregulated ocean ships, cement makers, and rulers like Putin, Trump and the Saudi royal family.

There is some good news. Three grassroots group just won a round in the right to protect Malheur Basin, one of Oregon’s best birding regions. 
The lawsuit was filed by Western Watersheds Project, the Center for Biological Diversity and WildEarth Guardians and they won judgement that the Hammond ranching family was illegally given a new grazing permit for using BLM land which you and I own along with the rest of America.  To nobody’s surprise the former Interior Secretary ignored federal law in granting the Hammond permit which has now been over-turned.  Those who follow Malheurian events will recognize that the Hammonds were the excuse given by the occupiers when they took over the wildlife refuge in the winter of 2016.


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