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These images were captured by Kirk Gooding at Grizzly Peak Winery December 4, 2019.  That is in the Cascades foothills north of Ashland at about 2500 feet.  Kirk and his wife Shannon Rio (president of the KLamath Bird Observatory Board of Directors) enjoyed watching this bird at work:

Strange get-up, ordinary behavior.  Male according to the large reddish skull-cap.
Thanks for sharing, Kirk.

A couple years back there was a blond Acorn found in Jackson County by Emmalisa Whalley.

I have encountered a number of leucistic critters in my time.  There was a doe in Shasta Valley years ago.  Last year this doe here in McMinnville, click for image.

A white-backed red-tail nesting with a normal-looking partner near Chico.  BTW I’ll be back at the Chico Goose Festival next month, leading trips and giving talks.

Bald Eagle on Samish Flats, Washington State.

In the bird world I have seen many unexpectedly white or overly white birds: Surfbird, California Towhee, robin and Song Sparrow in San Francisco. Brewer’s Blackbird in Medford.  Fox Sparrow. Chickadees in several places.  Click here for robin with too much white to be ordinary…in Wisconsin.

White headed Cackling Goose at  Fernhill in Washington County, click here.

Canada Goose at Howard Prairie Lake, Jackson County.Canada Goose at Howard Prairie Lake, Jackson County.

A pale-faced Varied Thrush in Eureka.

Here’s a general news story about leucistic plumage.


  1. […] From my birding friend Karl Schneck near Ashland in Jackson County.  Here’s his response to my blog about the leucistic Acorn Woodpecker. […]

  2. He’s showing up again at Grizzly Peak Winery . I managed to get a couple of pictures of him among the oak leaves.

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