Posted by: atowhee | November 21, 2019


The nuthatch comes alone, Bushtits in a gang.  There are now over a half dozen starlings hanging around our garden and as many collared-doves but never more than two scrub-jays.  The Bewick’s Wren Black-capped Chickadee (see below) are single but the chestnut-backs are a trio.  Geese go overhead in pairs or in flocks up to 100.  The junco crowd is up to at least 20 while I never see more than one or two Golden-crowned Sparrows at a time.  At the Trappist Abbey I saw a lone female Hooded Merganser in the large pond near the dorms.  There is only one Audubon’s Warbler in our garden while we may get up to three House Finches at once.  The Downy and Flicker now appear as singles, yet the Acorn Woodpeckers six blocks south are always a tribe.

rbn facedown (2)

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