Posted by: atowhee | November 14, 2019


We don’t seem to be able to control the behavior of people, so instead we try to control terns, cormorants, sea lions, et al.  Dam the river and then damn the birds.

Here’s a look at one effort to keep Caspian Terns from migrating as far north as the Columbia River.  Even though the Bay Area Miwok ate a lot of salmon back in the pre-colonial period, nobnody realistically expects big salmon runs on the Sacramento River during the remainder of anthropocene.

One place in Oregon where the Caspian Terns are welcomed: Harney County where they’ve been encouraged to nest around Malheur Lake to help kill the invasive carp that meddling humans deliberately introduced there decades ago.  The carp are now a major environmental problem for the wildlife refuge as they infest the lake by the millions and destroy any plant life that tries to grow on lake bed.  Carp kills have become major food source for insects, ravens, Turkey Vultures and other experts in devouring fish carrion.  The Carp War is years old, click here for s story from 2014!

Here’s update on feds versus cormorants on the lower Columbia.


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