Posted by: atowhee | November 4, 2019


For all the problems it exacerbates, the Internet has been very good for something positive.  It makes it much easier to sharer citizen science data, for example bird counts.  The Christmas Bird Count is now 119 years old, started by Frank Chapman back in 1900 with just a few birders. Now it’s global.  Thousands of counters, millions of birds.  Nearly sixty million last year, in fact.

There are now myriad other counts–raptor runs, Backyard Bird Count, Feederwatch, et al.  With the scope of eBird now just your daily dog walk, a stroll through a city park, some glances out your window at birds near your house or apartment–all can become part of a free and globally shared effort to track our planet’s birds.  We all know the trends are often negative but we have no hope of doing anything to enhance bird survival if we don’t even know where they are.

Today’s New York Times has a thoughtful article on why we should all help with bird counts when we can.  Click here.

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