Posted by: atowhee | November 1, 2019


There are still remnants of summer lingering in the fairfly mild weather of the Willamette Valley.  This morning on a dog walk I saw a leaping grasshopper, a flying moth plus a few bees buzzing through the weeds.  Still blooming in our garden are a clematis, some lavenders and a pot full of penstemon, a hummingbird favorite.  And this past week a local Anna’s came around for a drink:anhu-pens (2)_LIThe penstemon family includes many hardy perennials, that die back under severe cold but regrow each spring and bloom until late each fall.  Did penstemon evolve their tubular flowers to accommodate hummers?  Or did hummer beaks evolve to fit  inside such deep flowers?
At Neskowin this week this Red-throated Loon was fishing in Hawk Creek just outside the local cafe.rtl (2)

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