Posted by: atowhee | October 30, 2019


Despite this being end of World Series season, the field of dreams to which I refer is of a birder’s dreams.  Lee French has been a birding friend for some years.  When he first moved to Ashland he hoped a hillside home, elevation about 2100 feet, proximity to national forest a few dozen yards…well he hoped there’d be birds banging on his front door.  Steller’s Jays responded to food, juncos prowled the grounds in winter.  But all seemed ordinary and predictable. Several years later, nest or roost boxes installed, food shared regularly, brush preserved, toxins avoided…and now Lee has had a very good, great, gratifying week.

Click here to see video of Mountain Quail feeding by Lee’s home, not far from that unknocked front door.
I suggested to Lee he open a bird photographer’s B&B, these are not easy birds to photograph under any circumstances…but in a garden?

Screech Owl 10-28-19

Lee is now waiting for the first California Condor to sail  blithely over southern Oregon.

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