Posted by: atowhee | October 25, 2019


It was Spider Friday today.  Arachnophiles got a full hearing NPR’s Science Friday.  Click here for the podcast recording.

It should be noted that the spider biologists were predominately women, putting lie to an old cultural bias that females are supposed to be afraid of anything that could be a “creepy-crawly” with more than two legs.

Most fascinating to me was to learn there are colonial spiders, such as Australia’s variety of large huntsman spiders.  Click here for video of Australian woman showing off her pet huntsman spider.  Here is another video of a very large huntsman spider.

Here is a video on spider silk, narrated by biologist Dr. Cheryl Hayashi, curator at the  American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.  She is on a quest to find out how many different kinds of silk there are in Arachnoland.  There are at least seven as we now know.  Different gland for each silk type. She doesn’t kill spiders in her research, using only CO2 as a drug to briefly paralyze a spider so she can collect some silk.


Here is a brief videHere is some of “my” spiders’ silk, at work in our garden.  In fall the orb webs proliferate as we use no poisons in our garden.web10-25 (2)

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