Posted by: atowhee | October 23, 2019


The American Goldfinches seem gone from our garden for the nonce.  Perhaps not to return until spring.  Today, a first for the year, a Pine Siskin was feeding on one of our hanging platforms. We may be about to enjoy another siskin-rich winter like 2016-7.pisi first (2)House Finches are frequent visitors in all seasons.  They don’t migrate hereabouts.  I see Purple Finches here on the valley floor only when they’ve been chilled out of the mountain conifers they prefer.  Lesser Goldfinches are always around but our immediate habitat is not of their liking, too many trees.  I have yet to see a crossbill here and Evening Grosbeaks have appeared only once.  I am not expecting to ever see a Cassin’s or Rosy Finch here.

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