Posted by: atowhee | October 23, 2019


So far most countries have done little to prepare for millions of climate refugees.  Here in the US we pretend that Miami, Tampa, Galveston, San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans and Manhattan will continue to be home for millions of people and other animals.   There is no process to help even our own citizens relocate when their former home is no longer viable and they haven’t grown gills.  When do we finally admit that rebuilding a hurricaned beach town is just throwing bad money after worse?  That’s just thinking about sea level rise. The Pentagon has been fretting abut all its coastal naval bases being destroyed but Congress and White House pretend the next generation will cope.  Extended drought could make places like Vegas, Salt Lake City and Phoenix even less viable than they are already.  And then there are the towns and homes tucked inside flammable forests…

Now one faltering step that will lead to no action has been introduced in the House of Representatives.

In the Pacific Ocean residents of low-lying islands are on the forefront of climate refugee crisis.

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