Posted by: atowhee | October 3, 2019


Paul Sullivan lives here in McMinnville as I do.  He has huge county lists for every county in Oregon.  His birding expertise is admirable and his dedication to seeing our feathered neighbors is intense.  He occasionally leads birding trips out of the Willamette Valley and I recently got him in touch with a couple of my birding friends in Ashland where he was taking some birders.  Lee French and Dr. Karl Schneck met with Paul and his group…and, of course, they headed into the Cascades after big game.

Karl sent out his photo under a subject line…what happens when you can’t find a single Great Gray Owl?  You find …2 GGOW smallI recognize this meadow not far from Howard Prairie Lake.  This may be an adult male and one of his nearly grown off-spring from the past breeding season.  Maturing owlets are fed by the father long after the mother has departed for her own hunting meadows if all goes well over the summer.

Congrats to Lee, Karl, Paul and their owlers.

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