Posted by: atowhee | September 30, 2019


From our Malheur Field Station birding trip earlier this month.  Click on any image for large version.  First, young night-heron on rock at The Narrows. #2, largest flock of cranes we saw, 105, in wet meadow at Princeton, west of the post office.  #3 Heron in background, Great Egret foreground, Narrows. #4 Male Evening Grosbeak at Refuge Headquarters.  #5 Nuttall’s cottontail, Field Station.  #6 Spotted Sandpiper at Silvies River Bridge, east end of Ruh-Red Road. #7 White Pelicans aloft, beneath leaden clouds.  Then three shots of fluttery Wilson’s Warbler male at headquarters.  Wood-pewee.  Then juvenile YH BLackbird atop road sign.

And still more– #1 Young Kestrel on sign at Chickahominy; #2  young Pied-billed Grebe, the zebra-stripes on head still discernible; #3 Peregrine over The Narrows; #4 male pheasant along Sodhouse Road; #5 Savannah Sparrow at Chickahominy; #6 Townsend’s Solitaire in rowan at headquarters; #7 & 8 Ibis and young night-herons at Narrows; under the white bar is a Wilson’s Snipe, one of several at headquarters pond the only morning we managed to get a look at these elusive hiders.

SKY9-184 (2)That’s our van on the edge of this sky-filled image, a rainy, windy afternoon at Chickahominy with crowds of clouds.  Then an unsubtle sunset at the Field Station:sunset


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