Posted by: atowhee | September 5, 2019


Here is a second round of fine photos from Panatal taken by Albert Ryckman of Eugene:BLACK COLLORED HAWK & PREYBlack-collared Hawk above; Black Skimmer at rest, below.BLACK SKIMMERBLONDE CRESTED WOODPECKERBlond-crested Woodpecker above, Blue-fronted Parrot below (should be “blue-nosed”).BLUE FRONTED PARROTBUFF COLORED IBISBuff-colored Ibis, Burrowing Owl (should be familiar to anybody who birds at Malheur).BURROWING OWL__Campo Flicker, one of over 215 species on the planet.  None are in New Zealand, Australia, Antarctic or some island nations.  Not among the living species is the legendary Ivory-billed Woodpecker, one victim of “civilization” in North America and Caribbean.  This guy is very handsome.CAMPO FLICKERHe is in the Colaptes genus which includes Northern and Gilded Flicker, plus twelve more species.  One cousin, Bermuda Flicker, is already extinct.  The genus  occurs only in the Western Hemisphere and the NOrthern Flicker is the only one found across NOrth America, the other species all more southerly.

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