Posted by: atowhee | September 5, 2019


My friend Shannon Ruo recently stepped outside her townhouse in central Ashland, Oregon, about five blocks from the town library.  It was dawn.  She heard some rustling in a nearby tree, followed the sound with her eyes and traded looks with a neighbor who was literally up a tree.  Her husband, Kirk Gooding, camera ever at ready, took these shots:


One of the many practical uses of Douglas fir.  Hang-out for black bear, so named regardless of the bear’s actual color which can range broadly from blond to cinnamon and on to near-black.

There are still people in Ashland but it is an urban center for bears, not of the kind you might find on Wall Street or in Frankfurt.  These are bears who work for a living, and have a thing for tree-climbing.  Click here for some family shots of mom and twins in a back garden near Ashland’s hospital.

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