Posted by: atowhee | August 28, 2019


That’s not to say I stare at a large screen all day.  We do not have an antenna, or cable, or satellite.  We don’t subscribe to any of the fancy streaming services.  I still think Hulu is a Hawaiian dance when I’m sober.  I do watch the original TV, Turkey Vultures, whenever I get the chance.
I am not certain why they fascinate.  Is it their teetery flight as they circle in the sky?  Is it the bald pate?  My father was bald, too.  Is it their ability to recycle proteins and nutrients that otherwise might have to wait for beetles and maggots’ attention? Is it their stolid silence?  Their uncanny skill at hiding nest sites?  How many TV nests have YOU seen?  That puts you way ahead of me.

Today, our ancient Prius was in for a check-up, and across the road in a dead Doug fir(Lots of those about these days) was an awakening TV.  He was doing his morning preen before taking to the sun-heated air and drifting about for twelve hours.  In the TV’s line of work cleanliness is a wholesome and daily requirement. Note in the sequence how you can see he uses his beak to preen individual feathers, one at a time.  He begins the nibble at the feathers base if he can reach it, then nibbles (think eating an ear of corn from one end to the other) his way to the tip.  I am proud of that last image for all it reveals so I have blown it up to the point where it loses a bit of clarity but the message is brilliantly clear.  Every bit of feather needs attention.

TV10 (2)


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