Posted by: atowhee | August 17, 2019


BIG BUG (2)I took this picture just after I netted this guy in our pool this morning  He had landed there overnight.  About 2.5 inches long.  From inaturalist site I suspect he is a PONDERous borer beetle, meaning he and his larva feed on roots of conifers like the many Doug-firs around our neighborhood.  He was impressive and not long after I rescued him he flew off to bore another day.

At Jor Dancer this morning the weed field was alive with seed harvesters: finches and sparrows.

In the dead top of the tallest riverside ash was the (same) wood-pewee, and this morning he was joined by a preening flicker:

There were two male Anna’s hummers fussing with one another.  Here’s one at rest momentarily.  The squirrel, of course, was having breakfast at our bird feeders:

I am teaching two nature classes this fall here in McMinnville:MCM CLASSES (2)Joe Dancer Park, Yamhill, Oregon, US
Aug 17, 2019
13 species

Anna’s Hummingbird  2
Turkey Vulture  1
Northern Flicker  2
Western Wood-Pewee  1
California Scrub-Jay  1
American Crow  1
Violet-green Swallow  X
Barn Swallow  12
European Starling  2
American Robin  X
House Finch  X
American Goldfinch  40
White-crowned Sparrow  10

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