Posted by: atowhee | August 16, 2019


Ocean City, NJ, tries to survive its Laughing Gulls.  As the gulls find many gullible tourists carrying around food, free for the taking.

I’ve seen Western Gulls take a full bag of snack chips, dump them on the beach and then devour most of them, though a pair of ravens swooped in and shared the bounty.  Meanwhile, the family was thirty yards away playing the surf.  Aghast when they got back to their stuff and found they’d been robbed…

Ravens, on the other hand, will even open backpacks left on the beach unattended…and in San Francisco they are flying raccoons, going through any plastic bags or open trash cans outside restaurants at dawn …. before pick up time.  Ravens know what people are good for and they wisely help themselves.

At San Francisco’s Cliff House the Western Gulls regularly steal ice cream off a cone or grab a hot dog from a tourist’s hand.

Hey, who was here first…?

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