Posted by: atowhee | July 25, 2019


The Arctic region has plenty of heat and smoke right now.  I can’t even bring myself to admire the bitter irony of GREENland on fire.

Those braggarts over in Europe keep getting hotter and setting records and I read the globe is going to finish off (sorry about that choice of words) this month with the hottest July on record. I don’t like the thought of what record highs may be doing to the wine grapes in Bourdeaux. We’re only hit 90 here in western Oregon today.  I feel like a cheater.

One of our first climate change-related diseases here in US, West Nile, once was relegated to hotter climes. We’ve learned to treat it in its current form. But now comes word of an antibiotic-resistant fungus that has evolved to stand the heat.  The human body is too hot for most fungi, up until now.  But not these new strains of one species…

The Economist is not often seen as a radical rag, but they have done something that will get them barred from all future Trumpian events.  Here’s a link to the NPR interview about this sci-fi report.  The Economist imagines a world where antibiotics no longer work…set in 2041, when many of our fellow hominids plan to still be around (not me, by the way).   Of course, NPR displayed total ignorance of the fungus story above, and had no idea about West Nile, etc.

Click here to read Economist’s Attack of the Superbugs.

Nature will have her revenge.

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