Posted by: atowhee | July 16, 2019


Among those of us who wander the meadow edges hoping to find a Great Gray Owl, there is that moment when you see the bird and the bird is staring back.  Few birds have both eyes in front with the binocular vision we take for granted.  Owls have that.  Ears, too.  They are in the front of that face, hidden beneath feathers and asymmetrically placed so the bird has pinpoint hearing location.  The eyes meet yours and this nonchalant bird may decide you are too slow, too clumsy and too irrelevant, and look away.  But when you and the owl are looking at one another you do not sense fear or even intense curiosity, you are being casually measured and weighed.  It is what we owl prowlers call “The Look.”  That face and those eyes, BTW, are as big as yours.  On a bird that weighs less than three pounds.  Weigh that in your mind for a bit.

Photo in Jackson County Cascades by my good friend, Lee French of Ashland.GGO 7-13-19

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