Posted by: atowhee | July 11, 2019


To anyone attuned to reality rather than tweets or propaganda it is clear things are not right with the world.  And “right” will be a word we must come back to.
One magazine just published its list of the ten most threatened nations on earth, thanks to climate change.  Don’t plan any distant vacations in the Maldives unless you are superb at treading water.

Right now we are helping push numerous species toward extinction.  Something is very wrong with right whales. 
Other whales are suffering as well, a six-pack of dead gray whales does not bode well for this Pacific Ocean population.

I have been blogging about the dearth of insects these days.  A long-term study in Ohio says butterfly populations there are diminishing.

One celebrity says she will not have any children unless we deal with climate change, not wanting to curse her kids with a dying planet.

There is widespread publicity now about a global push to reforest the planet.  Can we co-operate on such a thing?  Can we do it in such a way that we don’t have to slaughter whole human populations to make room?  One study projects sub-Saharan nations in Africa will feel the worst effects of climate (short of inundation) because food supply will drop as our species’ reproduction runs unmitigated.  Can we find some way to stop rampant population growth, resource use (and waste) and fend off the rabid pro-profit capitalists who would rather see extinctions than loss of stock value?  People have never proven themselves good at long-term vision…

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