Posted by: atowhee | July 10, 2019


It may have been Santorini, or maybe just some memories of old Alexandria in Egypt, but the Atlantis fables are true to our times.  Not all cities lived in today can or will be in habitable as the seas rise.  Right now New Orleans is flooding from rain and the tropical storm will not even hit land until this weekend!

And it isn’t just rising sea level and bigger storms with climate change…it’s erosion and sinking land levels due to mucking around with the Mississippi’s silt deposits so oil shipments and other commerce can go on profitably.  Sea up, New Orleans down, doesn’t really sound like a prescription for a happy future does it?

How many times do people rebuild in a flood plain before they simply move to higher ground?  How deep does arrogance and stubbornness run in our species?  We are going to find out and it will be a costly lesson in Louisiana, Florida, Venice, Texas, New Jersey, Seattle, San Diego, Denmark, Netherlands, Bangladesh, South Africa, Persian Gulf, Pakistan, India and across the islands of the Pacific.

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