Posted by: atowhee | July 8, 2019


“Nature bats last.”

Mississippi beaches closed by well-meaning  effort to save New Orleans from more flooding.  But it’s not nice to fool mother nature.  Have a few toxins for your effort. Such bacterial outbreaks only get worse with warmer waters.

Some towns and cities are going to be abandoned, sooner or later.  The future for Pacifica, CA, is a case in point as various opposed interests fight over what to save, how much to spend and when and how to retreat from the rising Pacific Ocean.

I am reading a social future fiction book called The Water Knife which takes us into the constant drought, no groundwater, future as climate change moves on.  Vegas and California have hogged all the southwestern water rights.  Phoenix is becoming a ghost town.  Texas has largely been abandoned (seems unlikely as that state would pollute the atmosphere by burning any fuel to create desalination plants to save their oil and their golf courses).  In this scenario many coastal areas are already gone: Miami Houston, Jersey shore, New Orleans.  Refugees abound. The rich live in enclosed high rise silos complete with recycled sewage water, triple air filters (dust storms are constant), indoor vertical farms and gardens, waterfalls, heavy security.  Texans and other climate refugees are victimized as they try to buy their way into California or dream of sneaking into Canada.  Vehicles of all sorts are electric, solar-powered.  The remnants of the Arizona population are now known as “Zoners” and they not allowed legally into Nevada or California.  The book is based on the premise that most people and their governments will continue to ignore reality until it is far too late.

The current US border situation is being made worse by climate change and extended drought drying out farms in Central America.  This is not science fiction as much as the Republican Party would like us to doubt climate change. There will be no stability in populations nor any decrease in climate refugees for decades unless some way is found to reverse the heating or our only planet and stop the melting glaciers.  We have not had this level of human displacement since World War II.  And that was just temporary.

It seems The Donald needs to speak to his religious followers.  Their prayers apparently have gone amiss.  Or else the weather gods just refuse to listen. Maybe they are angry over the CO2 thing? First that big military show gets rained on for the Trumpian Fourth, and now DC is flooding, even his White House.  It seems rather than drain the swamp, this regime is seeing the city return to the natural swamp it once was.  Can typhoid and malaria be far behind?   DC flooding.  

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