Posted by: atowhee | June 22, 2019


Here are some images showing highlights of our Malheur Field Station birding expedition.
Day #1, June 8:

Above: view of Steens’ heights beyond the juniper scrub; Yellow Warbler at Benson Pond; tadpoles in a roadside ditch of water.

Below: Sagebrush Sparrow on Saddle Butte, east of Hwy 205.  Tech relic, skeleton of phone booth in Frenchglen. Oriole nest at headquarters, California Quail ditto, Bobolink males facing off, nighthawks at leisure.  The baby Mallards were at Page Springs and we saw no female–orphans?

Below: raven against the sky, ditto nighthawk over Page Springs, beetle in a hurry.

June 9.  Avocet pair, Cassin’s Finch at Sage Hen Rest Area, magpie somewhere, blackbirds attacking Ferruginous Hawk near nest at Hwy 205 MP 17:

And then, the Horned Lark, Clark’s Grebe, Mallard–all at Chickahominy; phalarope and blackbird in the flooded ditch and the Black Terns with white-cheeks of Ruddy seen below are along Green House Lane; the fine female phalarope was along Hotchkiss Lane, right next to our vehicle.

Then even more beauty on this day.  Pronghorn at The Narrows; Tree Swallow at nest box at Sage Hen; waxwings in the headquarters’ large hawthorn and in second image the waxwing and tanager are looking at one another…mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest…; then the drab little Brewer’s Sparrow, we can’t all look like a video star.

June 10, day of the Virginia Rail at Buena Vista.  Everything else that day was just added glory. Gopher snake in middle of Krumbo Road.  Half-hearted attempts to keep flickers from nesting in Field Station’s Dorm E which the birds insisted on doing anyway. Two Blue-winged Teal in small pond on Diamond Lane.

And then we saw blackbird callisthenics, Swainson’s Hawk attacked by blackbird, Sage Thrasher in good light, river otter on Krumbo Reservoir and  female Bullock’s Oriole at headquarters.

Final day, June 11, Devine Canyon: Mountain Chickadee, Rock Wren, White-breasted Nuthatch (one of three nuthatch species that day!).


  1. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you just wrote a novel.

  2. Very special. Many places Michele and I have been, loved and will return again.

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