Posted by: atowhee | June 21, 2019


Birding friend, Russel Smith is at Malheur right now.  He;s checked some of the locations I’ve blogged about this month.  Here’s his eyewitness update on the two Ferruginous Hawk nests along Hwy 205 south of Burns and north of The Narrows, plus his photos.

Here’s a photo update on the ferruginous hawk nests. I saw at 
least 2 nestlings in the juniper nest (milepost 17) and 3 in the dead 
tree nest (milepost 9). Looks like they’re doing well; nestlings were 
very active in both nests.–Russ

20190620-_RDS322620190620-_RDS3239Two notes: our group saw four juvies in the live juniper nest about ten days ago.
The old reliable juniper nest site east of Malheur HQ on Sodhuse Road is not longer standing.  Tree is gone.


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