Posted by: atowhee | June 19, 2019


We saw a nice variety of tyrant flycatchers at Malheur and environs.  There was a Gray Flycatcher on Steens Mountain, above 5000’.  There were Eastern and Westerns Kingbirds, the latter more widespread and at home both in marshy areas and among the sagebrush.  There is a pair of Western Kingbirds nesting in Dorm F at the Field Station. Willow and Western were at headquarters, Central Patrol Road and Page Springs.  We missed the Olive-sided that was seen at HQ.  On our trip up Devine Canyon, US 395 north of Burns, we found Ash-throated and Dusky both of which breed in their respective habitats.  The Dusky prefers tall, shading conifers, nicely space.  The Ash-throated actually was on a cliff face in the canyon but near a mixed stand of cottonwoods and conifers where there was more sunlight than the Dusky finds comfortable.

Below: Eastern Kingbird near Benson Pond; Willow Flycatcher at Page Springs. They were also seen regularly at headquarters and along Central Patrol Road…in willows.EAKI-CPR2 (2)WILLFLYSay’s Phoebe, spurning the camera:sp on rok (2)Here is Say’s Phoebe nest built on last year’s model which used more mud.  Both Say’s pics were taken at Sage Hen Rest Area:sp nest-sage (2)Ash-throated Flycatcher in Devine Canyon, north of Burns.ATF ON ROK (2)



  1. That’s likely a Barn swallow nest under the active Say’s Phoebe nest.

    • I suspect you are correct, the phoebes had nested there early last spring, to be replaced by swallows in summer, overhang doing duty for two species

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