Posted by: atowhee | June 12, 2019

Yes, Virginia…


Our Malheur Field Station Birding trip was carefully observed by a circumspect Virginia Rail at Buena Vista Marsh.  He called out…then stalked stealthily through the tules.  Sometimes a subtle V would form between stalks, or some reed would wiggle a bit too much for the light breeze.  Thus did we track his movements along the ditch edging the gravel road through the marsh.  One small pool between tules reflected the bright sun and shown with subtle ripples as the unseen rail slipped past.  Then for short moments we could see the bird carefully probing the fallen stalks, even stopping for what may have been a quick gnosh.  Here are the best pictures and one that shows how well he was hidden behind rows of compliant reeds.VARAIL3_LIVARAIL2VARAIL1VARAIL6


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