Posted by: atowhee | June 10, 2019


Sunday, June 9, around 230PM we birded Potter Swamp Lane in Harney County.  About a half mile south of Green House Lane we found two Burrowing Owls.  They were on and around a small mound about one hundred yards south of the cattle corral with the solar panel.  Both are on the east side of the road.  The mound is about two to three feet higher than the surrounding pasture land (there were beef cattle in the same field) and has several sagebrush adorning it.

Previously the only widely publicized Burrowing Owl nest site this year was on Ruh-Red Road.

In the evening we went to Sodhouse Road and parked near the entrance to the Sod House Ranch.  With a clear view northward (toward what should be Malheur Lake) we watched the marshy grasslands.  First we found one perched Short-eared Owl about 150 yards from the road.  The bird sat and looked around, and listened.  Then around 8PM that owl and a second one began flying circles over the field, diving, landing, flying more.  One of them went to ground, one landed briefly on a fence post.  At the same time we saw a third short-ear a bit further to the east.  As Boat Launch Road is closed to the public, this location may be your best hope for finding this species this season.

There are two easily viewed Ferruginous Hawk nests along Hwy 205.  One is north of Milepost 17 ina lone juniper.  The other is around MP 9 north of Wright’s Point in a dead tree.  Both are west of the highway.


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