Posted by: atowhee | June 3, 2019


I leave for a second spring birding trip sponsored by the Malheur Field Station on Friday so I gotta get these photos from last month’s trip posted:

The avocet nesting was in small marsh west of Hwy 207 on Foster Flat Road before the first uphill slope.  The Bald Eagle nest was at P Ranch, east of Central Patrol Road.  The swallowtail was at Benson Pond.  The female Black-headed Grosbeak was there as well.  The quail were scampering across opening at the headquarter.  The waxwing was part of a flock at P Ranch.  These were all seen on a single day.
Below a second waxwing at P Ranch, then one of several images of chat at Page Springs:

Then…More of that demonstrative chat; cliff face with tavens’ nest marked (click on any image to enlarge), it was in canyon west of Hwy 205 at Buena Vista, a spur of Foster Flat Road; crow at French Glen; House Wren.

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