Posted by: atowhee | May 29, 2019


The raptor run in Harney County put us face-to-face with numerous predators.  Nature can be profligate  but she offers no assurances, no insurances, only the best caution and acumen that evolution can provide.  Here are some of the more efficient hunters in Malheur Basin, from large down to pocket-sized:ge-a (2)

GE-SUN (2)Red-tail nest on bluff at Princeton, east end of Sodhouse Road.  We suspect there was a Prairie Falcon nest at far west end of this bluff, we saw adult but could not nail down nest site.  This bluff needs off-street parking!
Then there was the morning after a night of rain and an adult red-tail trying to dry out:

Shrike (we saw one with a dead Tree Swallow!), Spotted Sandpiper, Western Kingbird.

Our favorite predator: Cliff Swallows, scads of them catching zillions of skeeters:CS-NEST (2)

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