Posted by: atowhee | May 24, 2019


House, Marsh and Canyon Wren today on our Field Station sponsored birding trip in the Malheur Basin This Canyon Wren serenaded us at Diamond Craters.canwren2 (2)Nesting is going on all around.  Young red-tails and Great Horned Owls in nests, coots on nests in the marshes.  Cliff and Barn Swallows seen carrying mud. Two adult Trumpeters working on their nest raft at the south end of Benson Pond while at the north end this female Yellow Warbler was finishing up hers:yewa nest (2)Other highlights included a flying American Bittern on the main road into Diamond, scads of Western Tanagers, the arrival of Cedar Waxwings, Loggerhead Shrike with its prey which was a Tree Swallow (how did he do that?), a river otter in Krumbo Reservoir adn a newly arrived shipment of vireos–both Cassin’s and Warbling.

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