Posted by: atowhee | May 10, 2019


Good news, we can have plastic  that is endlessly recyclable, like aluminum or glass.  Now if only we had governments scattered about the globe that still believe in regulations to bring about social change…remember the days when laws changed to give women the vote?  Hell, I am so old I recall usury laws that limited the interest rates that could be charged by banks or other lenders.  Or imagine today trying to outlaw DDT or leaded gasoline?  Those days are dormant, if not gone forever. Corporations and their paid factotums in government rule the political landscape right now.  Extinction Rebellion actions may be the only way to save life on earth.  Corporations will continue to destroy unless they fear profit losses, that only will restrain them now that governments nearly everywhere are subservient to deregulated capitalism run amuck.

Not so good, we are killing many other forms of life which is not even good news for our own species.

George, my environment oracle, finally lays it on the…table, not just on the line.  Stop eating fish!   Grassgoppers anyone?

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