Posted by: atowhee | May 2, 2019


Yesterday was training tme at the old suet block.  About mid-day an adult Black-capped Chickadee arrived.  It beaked off a bit and fed a new fledgling a bit of suet.  Food supply must be the most pertinent sort of information to pass from one generation to the next. The black-caps nest nearby and I seem often each day if I spend enough time looking. It must be fledge week for the sorority and fraternity of chickadees. To my surprise in mid-afternoon an adult Chestnut-backed arrived with a fledgling.  They may nest within a mile of our home but not much closer.  So this was definitely a training trip for them.  “Come along, junior, I will show yo one of the most dependable protein sources in the area.”  The chestnut-backed are regular all winter, then depart to a suitable nesting habitat which must include large, dense stand of conifers.

Many swifts about our house now.

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