Posted by: atowhee | April 29, 2019



The green playing fields
Polka dotted with pink
Cherry petals strewn by the breeze.
Each new gust a petal pusher.

Robin carrying food to nest, starling doing the same.
Swifts circling just over the stop sign at Fifth and Evans, surrounded by parked cars and pedestrians.
This sunny but cool late April day marked brightly by flowers:
Apple, quince, lilac, tulips, iris, vinca, maples in their fashion, English daisies and dandelions pock expanses of grass, trillium, camas and bluebells and other lilies of our valley, yellow violets,  many magnolia, dogwood, redbuds’ buds, rhodies and azaleas, the last blooms of camellia.
Bees are buzzing.  Proboscis  into pollen potent flowers.
I await the first dragonfly, the next spider web.

Below: the loyal chickadee, here in all seasons and in all kinds of weather.
Bee on quince flower.  My first of a season of blurred images of the speeding swift, this one over the roof our home.

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