Posted by: atowhee | April 23, 2019


I went to check on “my” dippers today after being out of town all weekend.  Both were adults were present and I concluded they were beginning to feed nestlings.  First Bird #2 spotted when I got down to the edge of the creek facing acoss at the nest.  #2 flew under the bridge making a sharp alert call.  Bird #1 then fled the nest and flew downstream to land on a rock about ten feet from the bridge.  Then Bird #2 landed on the same rock where they stayed together momentarily.  Then Bird #1 flew off downstream and disappeared around the bend.  Dippers do not like to take short cuts over land, they fly along the course of their stream.

#2 then flew downstream and landed on what I think is their sentinel rock.  It’s the highest point within sight of the nest and usually contains some bright dipper-originated whitewash on its steep slopes.  I was still at creekside across from nest.  #1 then flew back into view, some singing was exchanged between the dipper pair then #1 went back downstream beyond sentinel rock but in view.  See the first picture below.  Clearly, #2 was not going back to fishing until I left.  I went back onto the top of the bridge and then both flew upstream under the briden and began hunting.  I wished them well and left them to it.two dpr (2)_LI

Image on the right in this grouping shows #2 on sentinel rock. Click on any image for full screen view.

Below, what I take to be a red-legged frog in the creek.  Bleeding hearts blooming in woods along Baker Creek:

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