Posted by: atowhee | April 17, 2019


Jeepers, creepers.  A pair of Brown Creepers were feeding together at Joe Dancer this week.  That pry bar of a bill always gets me excited, they can reach into crevices closed to all other bark feeders we have here.  Later I came across a skulking, singing Song Sparrow:

White-crowned Sparrows are abundant in many parts of western U.S.  But one shows up in my harden only occasionally.  Today one posed in his spring finery:WCS-GRDN (2)

So long to our wintering Cacklers…until next fall:cackline (2)

Spring, late season mushrooms and my first columbines of the year while the nearby river runs high and muddy.  Writing “yellow violets” lets me feel just how contorted our English language can be.

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