Posted by: atowhee | April 16, 2019


A well-known and carefully monitored Golden Eagle has died in Yellowstone because of lead poisoning.  There is nothing to be done, of course, because that park is surrounded  by land inside red states where the NRA controls legislators who would never tell shooters they have to use plastic or copper or aluminum or steel bullets.  It is far important that shooters have a free hand without government interference.  Who’s gonna miss some old bird, anyway?  Much of nature seems to await the demise of our species.  As the world heats up we may oblige.

One of the many initiatives of the Trump Regime has been to make the world unsafe as possible, including lifting a proposed federal ban on lead shot.  Wouldn’t want any shooters or lead miners being unhappy.  Why don’t we put lead back into paint and gasoline so all people everywhere can enjoy the damages?  Why just pick on wild predators.  Wouldn’t widespread use of lead solve the population growth problems those namby-pamby environmentalists are always talking about?

Current lead shot regs in US:  most red states have none.  California will be first state with an absolute ban, effective July 1.  Expect legal battles, of course.  I am especially tickled to see Minnesota’s brilliance in dealing with the problem.  I went to college there and have relatives and friends who live in this moderately liberal state, once home to Farmer-Labor Party…Minnesota bans use of lead shot in hunting Sandhill Cranes (as well as all waterfowl).  Oh goody!  Some of us might suggest that anybody who shoots a Sandhill Crane should himself be given a bowl full of lead to eat.


  1. Minnesota has banned lead shot for all waterfowl hunting since the 80’s. Did I miss sometging?

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