Posted by: atowhee | April 14, 2019


It is the time of year when Downy Woodpeckers are drumming out their territorial imperatives.  Robins, meanwhile, are feisty and feuding. The Bushtit flocks have splintered for breeding season.  This afternoon, between raindrops, warblers were feeding in a bigleaf maple.  They were finding food in the hanging tassels beneath the trees new leaves.  And both Canadian Canada Geese and our wintering Cacklers are passing by, on their way north.

Our earliest blooming trillium is now turning pink.  Meanwhile, our dogwood tree’s bracts are slowly turning from yellowish to a brighter cream color.  Right now the near by rhodie is brighter but soon it will  pale next to the paler dogwood as those bracts turn to the color of a traditional bridal gown. Photos below: dogwood (1&2), current, bottom right–Yellow-rump, bottom left–Orange-crowned Warbler among the flowers where it was feeding.

IMG_7027 (2)Above: pinking of the trillium.  Newer blooms are still creamy white.

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