Posted by: atowhee | April 7, 2019


Wednesday mornings 8-9, front steps of Pioneer Hall, starting this coming Wednesday 10 April!

And today I note a single junco in our garden.  Yesterday I saw none here.  Three months ago they were abundant, out-numbering all other species combined, even on days when the local starling gang descended.  Now they’re off to nest on the forest floor.  Here, in memory of juncos past, is one of my first pictures of Cheeky who was in our garden until sometime in March: white-cheek

My wintering White-throated Sparrow has been seen in three days though two Golden-crowns are still here.  So are both varieties of breeding plumage Yellow-rumped Warblers.  Robins and House Finches in sing at all the usual locations.  Flickers yelling about their territorial claims. I am listening carefully for my first B-H Grosbeak song, any day now.

No sighting of dippers in muddy Baker Creek today.  Here is what Baker Creek is like after the rains and all the logging on slopes in that watershed…how would you like to try fishing in that?BKR CRK MUDDY (2)

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